How Can Small Business Owners Apply For A Grant During Covid-19?

Businesses both large and small have felt the economic impacts of Covid-19, and many have had to rely on federal funding or grants just to stay afloat during this difficult time. If you’re a business owner looking for relief options, there are several ways that small businesses can apply for a grant during Covid-19, which we discuss below.

How to apply for a grant during Covid-19

There are many potential ways to apply for grants to offset the costs brought on by the pandemic.

  • Farmers, producers, and other agriculture-related businesses can apply for USDA Loans and Grants to help offset increased costs and staffing changes due to Covid-19.
  • Event venues can apply for assistance with the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant.
  • Covid-19 related grants for other industries can be found here.
  • While not a grant, Paycheck Protection Program loans can help cover the costs of payroll, mortgages, rent, and utilities. These loans can be forgiven in full if the funds are used for the aforementioned expenditures.
  • In addition to these options, business owners should check with their local government for city-specific grants, as many cities are offering grants to help businesses stay afloat during these challenging times.

You can find a comprehensive list of Covid-19 relief options at the Small Business Association website. You can also find a full list of Covid-19 funding options here.

Why Covid-19 testing can help you operate your business safely

Whether or not a business applies for a grant during Covid-19, owners looking to operate as safely as possible may want to consider providing onsite testing for their staff.

Testing is a preventive measure that can detect an active case among employees before it spreads, enabling operators to take steps to isolate employees and sanitize the workplace.

Onsite testing has several advantages over traditional testing centers.

  • Onsite tests are easily integrated into a workplace employee health program
  • Business owners do not have to rely on employees to obtain tests on their own – (It’s important to note that employers cannot require employees to share test results obtained on the employee’s personal time)
  • Workplace testing is an organized, streamlined process that is minimally disruptive to daily business operations
  • Since tests are administered by medical professionals, tests that are not available for public use, such as the rapid RT-PCR, are available for the fastest results possible
  • Business owners do not have to obtain, administer, ship, and share the results of DIY tests
  • Business owners and employees receive professional medical guidance if someone on staff does test positive
  • Onsite testing services ensure that tests are provided in compliance with local guidelines

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Prevent Closures And Keep Your Staff Healthy With Onsite Covid-19 Testing

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