How to Get Gut Microbiome Testing in Chicago

We don’t often think of our gut when we think about our overall health and energy level, but the truth is, our gut has a lot to do with how well our body functions and whether or not we get the energy and nutrients we need from food. One of the best and easiest ways to stay on top of our gut health is with a gut microbiome test. This type of test tells us specific things about how our digestive system is functioning and whether or not we may have a potential issue that needs addressing. 

What is a gut microbiome? 

Your gut microbiome collects bacteria and viruses in your intestinal tract. Without enough good bacteria, your body can’t break food down into waste properly and get from it the nutrients it needs to function. 

If something is off about your gut microbiome, you may feel weak or lethargic, making getting the things you need to get done difficult. 

How to know when to get tested

There are some specific signs that you may have a microbiome issue to look out for, though. Things related to the stomach, such as indigestion, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome, are all signs that your gut microbiome is off. 

Luckily you can get testing at home, which only requires you to take a sample of your bowel movement to get results. 

Let Drip Hydration Provide Your Lab Tests At Home In Madison

If you need a lab test and want to avoid the doctor’s office, consider Drip Hydration. We are a mobile licensed healthcare provider providing a range of services including lab tests. You can book an appointment online or over the phone for one of our healthcare experts to come to your home and collect samples for one of our many available lab tests, including:

  • Wellness Panel
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  • Female Hormone
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  • Food Sensitivity
  • Micronutrient
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Inflammation Panel
  • Heavy Metal Panel
  • Sleep and Stress Panel
  • Urinary Health Panel
  • Vaginal Health Panel

Our team will ensure samples are delivered to our lab safely. Once results are in, we can help you interpret them and help you take the next steps necessary to achieve a healthier you. Drip Hydration is professional and discreet healthcare centered on you. Reach out today!