Hangover Cures That Actually Work

hangover cures that actually workThe real origins of the hangover as we know it are murky. However, there are some well-known and obvious causes and cures that you’re likely aware of if you have ever spent more than an hour in a bar. Though the causes are interesting most of us are focused on how we might be able to get rid of them. There are as many supposed cures as there are drinks on a menu. What follows is a comparison of some so-called “reliable cures” that are faulty when put to the test, and one that has been proven to be effective.

Hangover cures that make things worse

“The Hair of the Dog” Hangover Cure

One of the first remedies used by some very ambitious drinkers is based on the idea that one can correct the agony of a hangover cures that make things worsehangover with a stiff drink. Yet, science has proven this to be wrong. This is one of those hangover cures that are popular because it feels good in the short term. But, the toxic nature of alcohol will come back to haunt you in the long run. Recovery is what’s important and something like a hangover IV is a better option for that sort of therapy.

Greasy Food as a Hangover Cure

Another hangover cure is a meal of greasy food like sausage, bacon, and eggs, or anything else that has more grease than your body is used to having. The reason that this sort of meal seems to work is because your body is getting food and relieving hunger brought on by a lack of nutrients. However, at the end of the day you will end up with heartburn and a persistent hangover.

Short Term Hangover Relief

Alka-Seltzer to Cure Hangovers 

The Alka-Seltzer remedy is over 80 years old and what made it a lasting remedy is that it staves off the nausea that follows the worst of hangovers by neutralizing stomach acids. This remedy attacks the symptoms of a hangover so it can get you through a few hours but it’s not a lasting solution.

Sports Drinks and a Glass of Water

While dehydration and a lack of nutrients are key causes a hangover it’s not that simple. A glass of water will hydrate youshort term hangover relief enough to get you out of bed for a bit but it’s not enough to counteract those toxins long term. The sports drink craze has led to some considering them a better option as they have a few more vitamins in them than tap water. However, these nutrient cocktails can’t compete with the vitamins found in hangover iv solutions and sports drinks are often heavy in sugars.

IV Hydration as a Hangover Cure

The best option for quick effective relief is the IV hydration therapy.  This method attacks the problem directly, replacing essential nutrients lost and fighting off toxins. Drip Hydration provides 2 Liters Saline and anti-nausea medicine that will quickly cure the agony of your hangover. This is the hangover remedy for those on the go who don’t have the time to lie in bed for a day sipping water and the results are dynamic and effective immediately.