How to Get a Hangover IV Therapy in San Bernardino

If you’ve ever experienced the morning after a long night of drinking, you’ll know the feeling all too well—your head throbs, your skin feels like it’s been stretched over your body and filled with sand, and you feel like you’re dying.

What causes hangovers?

Hangovers are caused by drinking too much alcohol, which leads to dehydration and an imbalance of electrolytes. Drinking alcohol also irritates the stomach, which can cause nausea and vomiting. In severe cases, you may also experience a headache or dizziness.

To treat your hangover, you have a few options. You can consume extra water and electrolytes, which may be enough to mitigate your symptoms. But if that doesn’t work, or you’re too sick from drinking alcohol, getting an IV hydration treatment is your best bet. An IV drip replaces lost fluids quickly and replenishes important vitamins and minerals you lose when drinking too much alcohol.

Effectiveness of hangover IV therapy

There are many benefits to getting a hangover from IV therapy. For one, it is more efficient than drinking fluids or taking pills. The fluids and medications go directly into your bloodstream, so you don’t have to worry about them being lost in your digestive system. Getting an IV is less intrusive than other hangover remedies like lying in a dark room or sleeping it off.

The IV has other benefits, too. You don’t have to worry about taking anything by mouth or drinking anything—the fluids and medications go directly into your bloodstream so you can feel better more quickly. Medications like anti-nauseant medications may be added directly into your IV if you are nauseous from a hangover.

Get Your Hangover IV in San Bernardino

You can get a hangover IV right at your hotel, resort, or business location. Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy is a company that will come to you and treat your hangover symptoms. All you need to do is book an appointment online or call. We have locations in cities all over the world.

Our mobile hangover IV treatment is administered by certified nurses who will visit you at your desired location. The nurse will treat your symptoms in the comfort of your hotel, office, or resort. We are here to help accommodate you and answer any questions you have about mobile IV therapy.

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