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How to Get a Heavy Metals Panel in Seattle?

The presence of heavy metals is considered normal in the body if it is in minimal amounts. The problem arises when a great concentration of heavy metals is present because this can pose health risks and illnesses. The most common way to detect levels of heavy metals in an individual is through a heavy metals panel test.

What is a heavy metals panel?

Heavy metals can be introduced to your body through food ingested or environmental factors around you. People who work in specific industries have higher exposure levels to metals like selenium, arsenic, and lead.

A heavy metals panel can determine the levels of heavy metals in your body. This is often done through a blood draw administered by a registered professional. This sample will be sent to the lab for processing, and the results will be interpreted by a medical professional.

Depending on the results, a treatment plan will be discussed, which typically includes changes to diet or lowering the exposure to the environment.

Benefits of a heavy metals panel test

Finding out the presence of heavy metals in your body is important because high levels can prove toxic. People with high levels of heavy metals are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses. It is hard to detect heavy metal levels by relying on the physical aspect. This is why testing is important because it can detect levels that the naked eye won’t be able to see.