How to Get Hormone Testing in Las Vegas

Getting your hormones tested can be an important insight into your health. Identifying imbalances can help you get on track to better health. Testing is currently available in the Las Vegas area. Continue reading this article to learn about hormone testing, how it works, and some methods to get testing.

What are hormones?

Hormones are chemicals produced in your body to be messengers throughout the body. They are in control of many bodily functions and processes. If these are out of balance, they can start to wreak havoc in the body and create unwanted or unhealthy symptoms. Some may be unaware of imbalances, which is why it is smart to get tested.

What is hormone testing?

Men and women can get these tests to check their hormone levels. Commonly tested hormones are estrogen, testosterone, and cortisol. Thyroids are also checked during these tests. Knowing if you have any hormone imbalances will help you determine what is causing symptoms and how to try to fix them and get healthier. Hormone tests are generally taken through urine and blood samples.

How it works

Getting tested in your home versus a clinic is beneficial in a few ways, mostly due to comfort. Imagine not having to waste time or gas traveling to a clinic. In-home tests are now available in the Las Vegas area. It is quick and easy, and there is no downtime. Once you schedule, a licensed professional will travel to your location to draw your labs. After the sample has been tested in the lab, you will get contacted with the results. 

Schedule your at Home Hormone Test in Las Vegas with Driphydration

Testing your hormones in the comfort of your own home has never been easier because of Drip Hydration. You can test your hormones easily and avoid the entire commotion of going to the doctor’s office and waiting in line to be tested. Drip Hydration offers an exquisite hormone testing at home and it can be arranged through the website or by a phone call.

The entire process is quite easy and straightforward. Once you set up an appointment our experts will visit you at home and take samples for lab testing. They will also safely transport the samples to our lab for testing and once the results are in you will get a call from one of our medical professionals to help you interpret the results and provide advice on how to proceed.

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