How Dangerous is the Covid Omicron Variant to the Elderly? 

Just when we thought Covid might be on the wane, another variant has emerged. The Covid Omicron variant has been active since November of 2021 and in the United States since December of 2021. While the Omicron variant hasn’t been as deadly as its predecessors, it’s still dangerous to the elderly and unvaccinated.

Let’s look at what the elderly should know about Omicron and how it affects them.

Are the Elderly More at Risk of the Omicron Variant?

In general, everyone is more at risk of contracting Omicron than the other variants of Covid. Studies show that Omicron is more easily spread than Delta and previous variants due to a higher viral load that Omicron carries.

No studies show that older people are more at risk of contracting Omicron than younger people. However, the increase in age carries an increased risk of death or disease that follows Omicron. In that respect, the elderly are at a higher risk of suffering serious ramifications if they contract Omicron.

How Does the Omicron Variant Affect the Elderly?

Omicron isn’t as deadly as other variants of Covid-19, but it is easier to spread. However, it is more deadly and dangerous to the elderly than to younger populations. It’s also unclear how effective the current vaccines and Covid treatments are against Omicron.

One of the biggest dangers to the elderly is their mindset regarding Omicron. For several years now, older people have been on guard and vigilant against other variants of Covid-19. As a result, they’re ready to get back to everyday life and resume their daily activities, especially since Omicron isn’t as deadly as Delta and others.

However, this could be the biggest problem of all. A lack of awareness that Omicron is still life-threatening and highly contagious could be detrimental to the elderly population.

How to Know When to Get Tested for Covid Omicron?

The symptoms of Omicron are very similar to other forms of Covid. If you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms or any of the telltale signs of Covid, you should get tested immediately.

What better way to get tested for Covid than in the comfort and safety of your home? Going to a hospital or clinic to get tested for Covid is inconvenient and dangerous. You’re more likely to contract the disease while you’re there than if you have a licensed professional come to your home and administer a Covid test.

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