How Dehydration Can Inhibit Weight Loss

1-1256217176zbgkWater is important if you want to stay healthy and workout to the best of your ability. Still most people ignore the significant role that water plays in burning fat and keeping the weight off. Your body needs to be hydrated properly in order to metabolize fat which partially explains the popularity of so-called weight loss drinks. However, the average weight loss drink does not typically burn fat. But they are often diuretics and will ultimately dry out the body. Choosing to rely on tea coffee, milk, or juices for hydration will lead to poor workouts and an exhausted body that only burns a limited amount of fat. Your body needs water or more optimal forms of hydration such as IV hydration. What follows are the physiological examples of what is stopping you from burning fat.

Four Factor of Dehydration That Slows the Fat Burning Metabolism:

Organ Function

Aside from your fatty tissue, organ tissue can be damaged by17368-men-and-women-performing-aerobic-exercises-pv dehydration. When your kidneys suffer from dehydration filtering your blood becomes a struggle. This burden is passed onto to your liver.  This becomes a fat burning issue a part of your liver’s work is burning and processing fat. So when you are dehydrated you only burn a fraction of the fat you would if you were better hydrated

Endocrine system

The human Growth hormone (hgH) is a potent fat burner and an essential component of your endocrine system. By binding itself to receptor sites on fat cells hgH breaks down triglycerides and reduces the size of fat cells. Consequently, this process is slowed down in a dehydrated body slowing down your metabolism.

Cognitive Function

Around 80% of the brain is made up of water, so it is no surprise that it requires a consistent amount of water to function properly. At about 2% dehydration people can experience a 30% reduction in cognitive function. This makes it harder for them to reason or make logical decisions. This also leaves you feeling less engaged and lazy making exercise and dieting less likely.

Enzyme Function

Most don’t know of the role that enzymes play in burning fat. These chemicals metabolises fat, Lipase, and are significantly less functional when deprived of water. This reaction can halt the breaking down of fat clusters while also leaving you feeling fatigued.

Five Tips to Improve Your Hydration Status And Increase Fat Loss

Now that we have laid out the relationship between hydration, drinking water and weight loss let’s look at some specific habits that can help.

Hydration Goals

Legs of a seated male athlete whod sat down in a chairIf you are doing a fitness regimen that is intensive or if you simply find yourself needing more water set a daily goal. Some people will find their amount supplemented by those drinking water weight loss programs but others should find their own number. One Fitness authority advises 40ml of water per kilogram of bodyweight. This is a good place to start but shoot for what makes you comfortable and what is easiest for you to track.

Coffee Instead Of Water

Drink a glass of water in the morning. Six or eight hours of sleep can dehydrate you so this is a good place to start getting hydrated. Coffee is a bad idea as it is a diuretic and can increase the symptoms of dehydration. Answering the question of how much water to drink for weight loss should start with your first glass.

IV hydration therapy

One of the more popular hydration options for those with a busy lifestyle is the IV dehydration treatment. Available through companies like Drip Hydration, this IV drip system goes a bit further than a water drinking schedule, which is followed by people drinking water for weight loss. IV hydration therapy can give people the proper amount of hydration to make their bodies fat burning machines.