How Dehydration Causes Jet Lag

No one wants to experience the deep grinding irritation of severe jet-lag. It is known as the bane of 2744390812_c6e2aa449b_otravelers and the destroyer of the first few days of any vacation.  For professionals jet lag is a consequence of doing business. Some brag that they have learned to power through it or they have become immune. Science however disagrees and studies have shown that the effects of acute jet lag can strike later and in some cases harder. Jet lag symptoms can range from aggravating to completely disorienting and if you are a professional getting over a case of jet lag can mean the difference between professional success and abject failure

One of the key causes of jet lag is dehydration, and hydration are important in coping with the symptoms of jet lag.


Travel Fatigue, Jet Lag Symptoms


Part of the price that travelers pay is the very real specter of airplane-1163713_960_720travel fatigue. Though this is commonly a contributor to jet lag, people have been seen to suffer from this condition even while riding the bus. One of the main contributors to this sense of lethargy is of course dehydration. So, frequently a regimen of water has been noted as a cure for jet lag. And many people will find themselves drinking multiple alcoholic beverages which in turn, of course, dry them out. Another a factor that contributes to both dehydration and jet lag is the lack of sleep that comes from frequent travel. Sleep is important for the body and though you do lose fluids while you sleep, when you wake up you can quickly rehydrate feeling fresh in the morning.

People over 60 have been shown to suffer from travel fatigue frequently and therefore are often on the lookout for cures for jet lag and travel lethargy in general. Higher altitude also affects the body and causes jet lag and cabin pressure will make the symptoms of jet lag more significant.


Water the Jet Lag Cure


One of the best ways that you can get over the grind of jet lag before you fly is to make sure that you stay hydrated before the flight. Some even try and get as much fluid as possible one or two days before they travel. This can mean avoiding alcohol and coffee for the most part and of course getting plenty of airport-994666_960_720water. One of the many popular jet lag cures amongst professional travelers involves drinking 6 – 8 oz or water on long trips while taken the time to get out of your seat and walk in order to promote hydration and circulation.


IV Treatment After or Before A Flight


One of the most effective methods of fighting jet lag is known as IV hydration therapy. Those wondering “how to cure jet lag?” are turning to organizations like Drip Hydration for answers. Undergoing IV hydration therapy before or after a flight has been shown to prevent and reverse the effects of jet lag and make your down time significantly less making you more productive. When you are low on fluids or in need of more IV dehydration treatments are a direct and effective method of keeping you sharp and vital.