How Hydration Can Fight Flu or Cold Symptoms

woman-with-a-cold-or-allergy (1)A cold or flu can be exhausting and often a successful recovery can be traced back to being adequately hydrated. People often avoid dealing with these common illnesses, and there are debilitating results. Unfortunately, most of us are not aware of the link between a cold, the flu and dehydration and how a lack of fluids can tax the body and make the problem worse.

How Symptoms of Dehydration Make Colds Flus Worse

There are things we do when we are sick that make things worse. Between the sneezing and the coughing, we lose track of 4014611539_388bacbd90_othe day and how we might feel better and instead focus on the misery. And then there are those of us who try to ignore the symptoms and power through. Our bodies cope futilely against these symptoms and the combination of flu/ cold and dehydration makes it even harder to recover. Ignoring the problem never works especially when your body is running low on fluids. A sick body needs extra energy to fight the flu as the infection will make your body work overtime. This is especially true if people power their way through without medicating and add dehydration into the mix leaving them feeling drained.

A Lack of Sleep Symptoms of Dehydration                                                                                                                      

4195919691_c296b3de9b_oSleep is as important to recovering from a cold and flu and coping with the symptoms of dehydration as getting plenty of fluids. Getting some rest will boost your immune system. This helps to fend off germs, sickness and the symptoms of dehydration. Studies show that adequate rest is a tangible method of recuperating from a cold. This has been substantiated through research in much the same way as a link between colds and dehydration. It has been proven that getting less than 7 hours of sleep increases your chances of catching a cold or the flu. Things can get even worse as cold and flu symptoms can keep you up at night.

Stress, Flu, colds and dehydration

Stress makes it more likely that you will get a cold and increases the severity of the cold or the flu exacerbating the wear on your body. Relaxing is integral part of repairing your body.  Increased levels of stress release hormones that interrupt your immune system making you sicker longer. This is why many driven and ambitious people opt for relaxing physical therapies like an IV hydration cold treatment to get them back on their feet.

Cold & Flu and IV Hydration 

We have talked about IV hydration flu therapy and cold therapy because it decreases the severity of your symptoms, along with reducing the amount of time you will be stuck in bed. This is because a proper amount of fluids are essential to your immune systems and will help to thin the mucus in your sinuses and throat. Most of fluids will help get you back on your feet, like hot tea, juice, soup, and water. But IV hydration is a way of getting the fluids and nutrients you need to recover more directly and efficiently.