How Hydration Keeps Athletes Fit

USMC-120415-M-GU618-080Avid athletes know the importance of keeping their bodies tuned like an engine. When playing sports like basketball, football, tennis or running an injury can come out of anywhere, improperly conditioned lungs can falter and of course your body can become severely dehydrated.  An adequate source of hydration for athletes must always be on hand if you want to play at your best for as long as you can. It is key that you understand your body if you want it to remain in healthy working condition. Part of remaining properly hydrated is knowing your body, its rhythms, and listening when it sends you a message.

How Much Water Do You Need To Play?

Understanding the relationship between dehydration and imageesports is important if you want to stay healthy. This is why when physicians are asked how much water a person should have they give ambiguous answers. There are many variables that go into determining how much water a person requires to perform at peak physical condition. You need to take in to account things like how long you will be playing, how hot it is in the area, how intensely you will be playing, and what kind of gear you will have on. Next your weight height and age have to be considered in order to determine what a healthy base level of hydration should be. For example for an average college e aged athlete The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends four to eight ounces of water every fifteen to twenty minutes  during play as a good base level.

Pre-Game Hydration for Athletes

Stretching-muscles-579122_640It is important that adequate hydration starts before the game.  This will prime the body for maximum activity and ensure that you respiratory and cardio/vascular systems work efficiently from the moment you start to play. Hydrating is a smarter way to give you a competitive edge and to deal with dehydration and lethargy. Symptoms of dehydration in adults can be mild but when it comes to play sports they can take their toll quickly. Beginning athletic activity while hypohydrated (under hydrated) breaks your body down. This can create stress increasing the chance of injury and underperformance. This is why it is advisable for athletes to drink around 500 to 600 mL (17 to 20 fl oz) of water be for playing. Make sure to hydrate hours before the activity to give your body a chance to process the liquids.

IV Hydration For Better Performance

One of the more modern and effective methods of hydrating the body is available at Drip Hydration. This company offers in home IV hydration therapy that delivers vital nutrients and fluids to the body quickly. This is a great benefit to people who work out extensively or who play hard as IV hydration  treatment can greatly help rehydrate the body after a the beg game effectively. IV hydration goes right to the bloodstream and can be done while your body relaxes and your muscles recover.