How is the Delta COVID variant affecting Washington DC?

The pandemic has placed a severe strain on businesses, events, safety measures, and the like. You want to know if you have been exposed to the Delta covid variant in Washington DC, standards were tightened following hopes of reopening to normal.


Many significant events have been canceled due to the influx of the predominant Delta variant strain of COVID-19. Even as vaccination rates rose, concern continues to ripple across the country, and many events have been canceled.

Restaurants and Businesses

Small businesses throughout DC are beginning to worry about what may happen due to the influx in cases. With diners being extraordinarily cautious and anxious about eating in a public area, restaurants are again facing the harsh effects of the pandemic.

Countless restaurants have not survived the lockdowns, and with the widespread reluctance regarding eating in public spaces, many restaurants are beginning to worry if they will make it through.

Many businesses have adjusted their store hours, closing earlier as a result of the pandemic.

Safety Restrictions

In July of this year, Washington DC has reinstated mask mandates, leading many to fear what may follow. However, DC has fully reopened and lifted capacity restrictions. Everybody must wear a mask indoors, regardless of their vaccination status. Travel restrictions still apply.

How to Get Tested

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