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How IV Therapy Can Improve Your Wellness in NYC Naturally

The term ‘wellness’ is a word that is tossed about often when it comes to healthy living, but what does it really mean? What goes into a person’s wellness, anyway? And how can IV therapy improve your wellness in NYC? Let’s find out.

What is Wellness?

improve your wellnessWellness, defined broadly, is a state of consistently being in good mental and physical health. This means that a person is an active participant in taking steps to minimize their risk factors for a chronic condition and stay in the best health as they can (since illness is unfortunately not 100% preventable).

Most people can achieve optimal wellness with a combination of exercise, a balanced diet, and ensuring that you get the vitamins and micronutrients you need for optimal whole-body health. Caring for your emotional health, such as seeking therapy or cultivating healthy relationships with friends and family, is another crucial element of whole-body wellness.

Environmental factors such as stress, diet, and even the place you live – especially if you’re in a big city like Manhattan – can influence your overall wellness. When you take care of your physical and mental health, you can feel your best year-round no matter what challenges life in NYC might bring.

Wellness and Preventative Health

improve your wellnessWellness is a fundamental part of preventative health, which aims to prevent disease before it starts by addressing core issues and building healthy lifestyle routines instead of treating symptoms. You can’t always avoid illness, especially when it’s the peak of cold and flu season, but there is still a lot you can to to keep yourself in the best shape. The better health you are in, the more capable your body is of fighting off any unwanted bacteria or viruses.

Preventative health has many applications beyond cold and flu. This approach to your health can slow the development of or prevent conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. With tweaks to your diet and activity level, you can improve the symptoms of existing conditions and both feel and look better in the long term.

You may be asking, what if you have a chronic condition? Fret not. Since preventative health focuses on improving your entire body’s health, you can start a preventative health routine no matter your age, current health, lifestyle, or fitness level.

How IV Therapy Fits into Your Preventative Health and Wellness Routine

So, how does IV therapy fit into preventative health and wellness?

First of all, IV therapy isn’t a miracle cure and can’t do everything. However, there are many health targets that this treatment can improve. IV therapy is a component of preventative health because it not only aims to improve existing conditions, but supports whole-body health to help prevent illness as well.

IV therapy can give your body a better platform to work from on the journey to whole-body health in many different ways:

  • Flushes out free radicals that contribute to cellular damage
  • Flushes out toxins such as heavy metals, which can contribute to cellular damage
  • Supplements micronutrient deficiencies that may cause a variety of unwanted symptoms
  • Provides fast and thorough hydration to ensure your cells can do their jobs properly
  • Supports a healthy immune system to help you avoid getting sick or recover more quickly from illness
  • Supports a healthy metabolism for improved energy levels throughout your day
  • Formulas that contain B-complex vitamins help regulate your mood to assist with anxiety, depression, SAD, and more

What’s on a Wellness Checklist?

improve your wellnessOur IVs are just one part of a wellness routine. Here are our recommendations for you to help you build your wellness routine.

  • Visit your doctor for regular checkups. The frequency of appointments will vary from person to person based on your age and medical history.
  • Get routine lab tests as recommended. These tests will help your doctor better understand your current health and make adjustments to your wellness plan as needed.
  • Consider getting a non-routine lab test. These tests can help identify many different health targets, including your hormonal health, whether you have a micronutrient deficiency, whether you have a buildup of heavy metals in your body, and more.
  • Consider getting vaccinations. Speak with your doctor about whether certain vaccinations are right for you.
  • Take a look at your diet. Are you getting all the nutrients you need from your diet? Is your diet serving your activity needs? Consider restructuring your diet if necessary to help you better meet your health goals.
  • Consider taking a daily supplement. Taking vitamin supplements can help you meet your intake of these essential micronutrients to help prevent developing a deficiency.
  • Stay active. The type of exercise you choose should be something you enjoy so it’s easier to stay motivated.
  • Seek help if you are grappling with anxiety or depression or another mental health issue. Your emotional health is just as important as your physical health, after all!

Everyone’s body and needs are different. Consult with your doctor for more information about how to optimize your health.

Cover All Your Bases with Our All-Inclusive IV, Delivered to You

Our All-Inclusive IV really does have it all. This is our most comprehensive IV, offering everything from B-complex vitamins for mood and energy to a glutathione push for a supercharged boost of antioxidants for immune support and detox. Whether you want to supplement a wellness routine or kickstart a new one, our All-Inclusive IV can give you that extra edge on the path to wellness. Additionally, we offer a select variety of injections and IV add-ons to help you better address specific health goals.

Drip Hydration offers direct-delivery appointments at home, at your office, or at the gym, making our IV treatments easy to integrate into any wellness routine. Our appointments take 30 – 45 minutes and can be scheduled in advance for your convenience. We offer delivery services in Los Angeles and Manhattan up to 96th Street.

Have questions? Want to know more? Give us a call! We’re excited to help you improve your overall wellness for long-term health and happiness.