How The Delta Covid Variant Is Affecting Los Angeles

After last week’s announcement of a return to indoor mask mandates, the Delta coronavirus variation in Los Angeles is causing concern. As coronavirus cases linked to the highly contagious Delta variant continue to rise across the state of California, Los Angeles residents prepare for another round of potential lockdowns and restrictions.

Health and safety measures

While fully vaccinated individuals continue to show strong resistance to the Delta variant, breakthrough infections are still possible. This means that vaccinated individuals still need to take precautions to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, hospitalizations and infection rates have soared among the unvaccinated. Despite infection rates staying below the dizzying peaks of the pandemic, hospitals around Los Angeles County are reporting a shortage of I.C.U. beds and worrying staff shortages and burnout.

In an attempt to slow the spread of the contagious Delta variant, many businesses in and around Los Angeles have adopted policies requiring proof of vaccination for service, including prominent restaurants, gyms, and bars.

The state also reiterated that masks are mandatory for all public school students and staff regardless of vaccination status, a policy that has been in place since last February. Other institutions like UCLA have followed suit, requiring anyone on campus to be fully vaccinated and wear masks indoors.

Fighting the Delta variant in Los Angeles

Expert advice for combating the spread of the Delta coronavirus variant mirrors earlier recommendations.

  • Unvaccinated individuals should exercise extreme caution, practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public spaces, and avoiding unnecessary travel.
  • Vaccinated Angelinos aren’t off the hook entirely either. Despite suffering lower infection rates and reporting milder symptoms, vaccinated individuals should still practice social distancing, frequent handwashing, masking indoors, and other public safety strategies to avoid increasing local transmission.

Prevent The Spread With At-Home Testing

Even though the vaccine has helped protect millions of California residents, it’s more important than ever to get tested for Covid if you think you’re sick or have been exposed to someone with a confirmed case. Mobile I.V. therapy provider Drip Hydration has stepped up to the plate to support efforts to decrease local transmission, launching at-home, on-demand Covid testing and treatment services.

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