How to Get a COVID Test for Travel in Boston

If you’re getting ready to travel soon, you’ll likely need to figure out where you can get tested for COVID. There are various testing sites in the Boston area and plenty of options when it comes to the type of COVID test you’d like to get. This article will share some helpful resources to help readers find a COVID test for travel in Boston and break down some of the different types of tests.

Where to Find COVID Test for Travel in Boston

Most people will go to an urgent care facility, doctor’s office, or stand-alone testing site to get tested for COVID-19. Here is a list of testing sites in Boston. You may also find a mobile testing service that will come to your home to test you for COVID-19, which can be a convenient option for some. If you’re going to be flying to your travel destination, it would be worth it to look into whether or not the airport you’ll be passing through offers COVID testing on site.

Types of COVID Tests

There are a couple of different COVID tests out there. Some popular choices include:

  • PCR test offers incredibly accurate results but takes a few days to produce results, so this isn’t the best option for travel.
  • Rapid antigen test: the rapid antigen test has results in 15-30 minutes.
  • RT-PCR test: this test produces results immediately, making it a reliable option for travelers.

Drip Hydration Offers At-Home Covid Testing

One of the most convenient ways to get tested for COVID-19 is in the comfort of your own home. If you’re planning to travel soon and need COVID test results quickly, contact Drip Hydration for a convenient at-home test.

Fast In-Home Covid Tests For Travel With Drip Hydration Boston

If you plan to travel, be proactive and schedule a rapid PCR test for travel Boston both before and after your trip. Drip Hydration can administer an on-site test wherever you are conveniently located by a certified professional. The test is conducted via nasal swab, and results are ready in as little as 15 minutes, depending on the type of test you choose. This is also an excellent option if you are experiencing any symptoms since you can stay in quarantine while getting an accurate test. Give us a call or book an appointment using the button below!