How to Get a COVID Travel Test in Bakersfield

If you plan to travel soon, you’re likely thinking about when and how you will get tested for COVID to be eligible to board your airline. Various testing options and locations depend on where you live. This article will break down where to get a COVID travel test in Bakersfield and what types of tests are best for travel.

Where to get a COVID Travel Test in Bakersfield

There are various COVID testing sites where you can get a COVID travel test in Bakersfield, including standalone testing sites, urgent care centers, your doctor’s office, or in the comfort of your own home through a professional testing service. Visit this website to further breakdown where to get a COVID travel test in Bakersfield.

What COVID Tests are Best for Travel

The two most popular tests for COVID are a rapid antigen test and an RT-PCR test. The rapid antigen test is great for travel since your test results are available very quickly. However, antigen tests are not always the most accurate since they look for proteins on the virus’s surface. RT-PCR tests produce results quickly and are incredibly precise because they look for genetic material from the virus.

Drip Hydration Offers At-Home COVID Testing for Travel

If you want to get rapid COVID-19 test results in the comfort of your own home, you may want to consider using Drip Hydration. Our professional testing service is convenient and accurate because we offer the latest COVID-19 testing with CDC-approved tests that are okay for travel. Our certified nurses are trained to swab for COVID, ensuring accurate results correctly. Schedule a rapid antigen or RT-PCR test today!


Why Should You Get a PCR Test Before and After Your Flight?

You should get a test before and after your flight to West Palm Beach because there is a possibility you caught the virus on your trip or came into contact with someone that had it. Although you may have had a negative test before, it is crucial to ensure you aren’t bringing anything back to your friends and family. Early detection is one of the most critical aspects in being able to limit the spread of Covid-19.

You may also need proof of a negative test result if you’re flying internationally, as many countries require such test results before you’re allowed entry into the country.

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