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You woke up with the mother of all hangovers, and you’re ready to do anything to make it go away. You don’t want to turn to traditional hangover remedies like water or Advil, but you need something that will help. The good news is that there are lots of things you can do to speed up your recovery time and minimize your hangover symptoms, but the best option of all is getting an IV treatment targeted at treating hangovers.

Getting a Hangover IV at Home

If you are looking for fast relief from your hangover, book an appointment for an at-home IV treatment. A medical professional will come to your home and hook you up with bags of fluid-filled with vitamins and anti-nausea before sending you on your way. This is probably not within most people’s budgets, but it’s nice to know that if things get bad enough, there’s a quick solution out there. Some high-end hotel concierges have even been offering IV drips as part of their services.

IV Bars

An intravenous saline drip (or an IV, as it’s commonly known) is considered one of today’s best and fastest ways to relieve dehydration and replenish vitamins and minerals after a hard night of drinking. When we drink, we produce extra urine; when we don’t drink enough water, our body becomes dehydrated. In other words, one common cause of hangovers is dehydration. By injecting two liters of fluid into your veins—which quickly rehydrates your cells—an IV will make you feel better more quickly than any OTC treatment on earth. But while some cities have loads of pharmacies that offer IV drips on-site, many parts of New York are blessed with licensed practitioners who can administer them legally. That means you’ll have to plan if you want an instant cure-all hangover IV in New York after your next bender.

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