How to Get a Monoclonal IV Therapy in Connecticut

Monoclonal antibody therapy, commonly referred to as monoclonal IV therapy, monoclonal IV treatment, or simply monoclonal IV, gives the body antibodies that attack cancer cells. These antibodies are created in the lab from monoclonal antibodies, meaning they all have identical compositions and can thus be easily recognized by the immune system.

What is Monoclonal IV Therapy?

A Monoclonal Antibody is a protein made by clones of a single cell. In cancer treatment, Monoclonal Antibodies, or mAbs, can be manufactured to target cancer cells and deliver cancer-killing agents directly into tumors. Monoclonal therapies have been used with increasing frequency since 2010 because they provide a targeted approach to attacking specific cancers without creating severe side effects that conventional chemotherapy regimens may cause.

How Monoclonal IV Therapy Can Help Treat a virus

If you’re battling a virus, a monoclonal IV therapy could be a life-changing treatment option. Drip Hydration’s Monoclonal Antibody IV Therapy can be invaluable for eligible patients by reducing symptoms and viral load.

Drip Hydration

Drip Hydration provides clients with numerous options for their mobile IV therapy. We travel to your house, office, or vacation spot for your convenience. We guarantee safe standards of care with infection control protocols that comply with all state and federal guidelines.