How To Get A PCR Test For Travel In Atlanta

If you are looking for coronavirus tests like the PCR test when traveling in Atlanta, many options are available. It’s essential to stay safe by getting regular tests in areas with high population densities, especially if you’re planning to travel.

What is a PCR test?

The polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test, is a technique for amplifying DNA. It is used in some coronavirus tests. Its benefit is that it’s incredibly accurate, but its main detriment was that it used to take days to get results. However, some PCR tests, such as the one we offer at Drip Hydration, provide results within hours.

Why you should get a PCR test

It is best to get tests after being exposed to a Covid-positive individual, or you are otherwise at risk, such as having visited a high-density area like Atlanta. If you are leaving Atlanta to travel to another destination or return home, it’s vital to get a test.

It’s also essential if you are returning to Atlanta, too. This is because you may have contracted Covid beforehand, and you should make sure that you don’t accidentally put friends and family at risk.

Some international destinations may require proof of a negative Covid-19 test before you are allowed entry into the country. Having your test results in hand before your trip will help you avoid travel disruptions.


Fast In-Home Covid Tests For Travel With Drip Hydration

You can find information about testing locations on the Fulton County Website. However, if you are looking for mobile testing instead, we offer in-home tests at Drip Hydration. We provide in-home RT-PCR, rapid antigen, and rapid PCR tests and can provide a traveling certificate if needed. All of our tests are administered by registered nurses for your peace of mind.  You can make an appointment by calling us today or clicking the link below.