How To Get A Rapid PCR Test For Travel In Palm Springs

As travel forecasts continue to increase for the end of the year and into 2022, many would-be travelers ask what they need to travel safely. For many, a Rapid PCR Test for travel in Palm Springs should be at the top of your pre-flight checklist.

Do I need a PCR test?

Although Americans don’t need proof of a negative test to travel domestically, they will currently need a negative PCR test to enter over 150 countries around the globe. And while Rapid Antigen and other new tests are viable for some destinations, PCR tests remain the gold standard for accurate Covid-19 testing. With a quick nasal swab, clinicians can accurately determine infection status in as little as 1-2 business days.

Should I consider a rapid PCR test?

The Rapid PCR Test is one of the newest developments in Covid-19 detection. Combining the industry-leading accuracy of the PCR test with the convenient turnaround time of newer methods, the Rapid PCR Test can provide results in as little as 1-2 hours.

Although the Rapid PCR Test can be more expensive than the standard test, it remains an enticing option for travelers planning under a time crunch or who may have been exposed to Covid-19 close to their scheduled departure date.

For those with a high risk of complications from Covid-19, a Rapid PCR test can also provide valuable peace of mind or an early warning to seek medical attention before symptoms begin presenting themselves.

Where Can I Get A Rapid PCR Test?

If you’re looking for a Rapid PCR Test, time is likely of the essence. While testing is available at a variety of locations, most testing sites have long lines and a multi-day turnaround for results. Avoid the headache and access the quickest results by booking an in-home Covid-19 Rapid PCR test with Drip Hydration. Drip Hydration offers cutting-edge testing administered by licensed clinicians from the comfort of your home or office.