How to Get a Rapid PCR Test for Traveling in Orlando 

When traveling to or from any location during a pandemic, you must keep yourself and others safe. It can seem challenging to try and keep track of what you are required to do in what timeframe and what type of testing is most beneficial to you. Florida is one of the biggest travel locations globally, with amazing ocean views and theme parks, making it a hotspot for visitors. It’s critical that  you know where to get a rapid pcr test for travelling in Orlando so you can keep yourself and others safe.

Staying Safe

In Orlando, all air travel from other countries must be tested for COVID within three days or less of their departure. They must present the documentation before boarding. Residents and visitors are to wear face coverings where possible and avoid highly crowded spaces. Check your travel locations before visiting to look at any other possible restrictions or guidelines. Frequently wash your hands, stay socially distanced, and stay outside when you can to avoid densely populated spaces.

Getting Tested

If you intend to travel via flight, you will need to get a test done before flying. It is also recommended you get tested after your trip to ensure you did not catch the virus on your return. There are several different tests available, such as the RT-PCR and rapid PCR test. RT-PCR detects genetic material via a swab and amplifies the sample, making it more specific and sensitive to any COVID presence. Rapid PCR tests have quicker results but may be less accurate.

To get tested, look at local sites near you, such as pharmacies or urgent care centers. County and state government websites often have an extensive list to search by your location. Drip Hydration also offers in-home COVID testing, with results in as little as one hour for rapid testing. Get your rapid PCR test for traveling in Orlando today!

Get A Same Day Rapid PCR Test

Drip Hydration is a mobile medical service offering several different Covid tests in the comfort of your home, including the Accula same-day rapid PCR test. Our appointments are safe and simple. A certified nurse will arrive at a location of your preference (home, hotel, worksite) and complete testing via nasal swab with results in thirty minutes.

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