How to Get a Rapid PCR test in Charlotte 

There are a multitude of tests that are used to help us diagnose and identify COVID-19. These have been critical to our understanding of the disease and what we can do to find similarities to further prevent it. There are several different tests available, ranging from those that can be done at home to those sent and analyzed at a laboratory. Find out which test is best for you.

Types of Tests

There are RT-PCR, PCR, rapid, antigen, and antibody tests. While some of these only indicate if someone has contracted the virus or has antibodies from a prior infection, many identify current infection. The RT-PCR test is the most accurate, as it separates genetic materials and ‘amplifies’ them to better distinguish if any components of COVID are active. PCR tests are similar; however, they do not have the same process of separating the virus and are handled at different temperatures in the laboratory. Rapid testing is a great option for individuals with some results in as little as 15 minutes to one hour.

Where to Get Tested

Many pharmacies and urgent care centers offer tests. You can also get them at your physician’s office or local spots listed on the County website. Call locations ahead of time to secure your appointment and see if there are any requirements, and obtain details. You can also get in-home testing with Drip Hydration. This is an excellent service since the medical professional administering the test will come to your hotel or home. PCR, rapid tests, antigen, and antibody tests are all available. If you aren’t feeling well, it’s best to stay at home to prevent further transmission of the virus. Call us today to schedule your PCR test in Charlotte today!

Get A Same Day Rapid PCR Test

Drip Hydration is a mobile medical service offering several different Covid tests in the comfort of your home, including the Accula same-day rapid PCR test. Our appointments are safe and simple. A certified nurse will arrive at a location of your preference (home, hotel, worksite) and complete testing via nasal swab with results in thirty minutes.

To book your appointment or learn more, contact us by giving us a call or clicking the button below.