How to Get a Rapid PCR Test in New York?

If you believe you have been exposed to COVID or are traveling to an area that requires COVID testing for entry, there are several options for testing. If you need a rapid PCR test in New York, there are a wide variety of places you can get tested, from clinics to testing centers.

What is the Difference Between a Rapid PCR Test and an RT-PCR test?

Rapid PCR tests and RT-PCR tests are both available options in covid testing. The primary difference between the two is in the analytic sensitivity of the assay. These tests can detect influenza viral RNA or nucleic acids in respiratory specimens with high specificity and high sensitivity.

Rapid PCR test results may be delivered within the same day, but if the test is in high demand, it may take up to five days. RT-PCR test results are usually delivered within about two to five days. The amount of time it takes for results to arrive may vary based on where you are tested.

Cost and Locations

According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, testing is available at select pharmacies and health centers at no cost nationwide. In addition to these services, you may also be interested in an option that comes to you.

Drip Hydration offers easy, convenient, and at-home testing for customers. Simply choose the location closest, book an appointment, and a nurse will come to you. Rapid PCR testing is available, as are several other options. Contact us to book your next appointment.

Get A Same Day Rapid PCR Test

Drip Hydration is a mobile medical service offering several different Covid tests in the comfort of your home, including the Accula same-day rapid PCR test. Our appointments are safe and simple. A certified nurse will arrive at a location of your preference (home, hotel, worksite) and complete testing via nasal swab with results in thirty minutes.

To book your appointment or learn more, contact us by giving us a call or clicking the button below.