How To Get A Traveling Covid Test In Las Vegas

Ok, you planned a trip and need a Covid test for travel in Las Vegas. Traveling in today’s times is proving to be a little more confusing than before the Covid-19 pandemic. You need a negative Covid test before you can enjoy many activities.

Boarding a plane, walking through the doors of a casino, or even your favorite restaurant could be a challenge if you don’t take recommended safety protocols. There are still establishments that do not require a negative test or proof of vaccination, but they are becoming less and less available.

Anytime you decide to travel, look into the Covid-19 procedures where you are traveling and the transportation you are taking to get there.

Where Can I Get a Covid Test in Las Vegas?

If you are in Las Vegas and need to get a Covid test, many options are available to you. Rapid testing can be done at select locations, including pharmacies and medical centers. Most Walgreens and pharmacies offer rapid testing. It is relatively easy to find testing sites based on your location.

Rapid tests can provide accurate results relatively quickly. The rapid PCR results can be available within 3 to 5 days, and the rapid antigen test results can be given to you in as little as 15 minutes. This test looks for the antigens that are present in the Covid-19 virus.

Each test is given by using a nasal swab. The sample is handled carefully to prevent contamination. You can wait for the results and be able to get back to your travel plans relatively quickly.

What is In-Home Testing?

There is a very easy, convenient way to get a Covid test for travel in Las Vegas. You can call a mobile company to come directly to your hotel to administer the rapid test.

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy is a company that understands the convenience of testing coming to you rather than you seeking out treatment on your own. A certified nurse will come to your home, hotel, or work if you require a Covid test.

The nurse will take the sample and provide you with highly accurate results in minutes, and you don’t need to leave your hotel room. In-home treatment is becoming the most popular way for travelers to ensure they are not infected with the virus.

Call Drip Hydration today to schedule your appointment.


Where Can I Get A Covid PCR Test In San Francisco?

In addition to rapid options at many clinics, pharmacies, and even airports, companies like Drip Hydration are creating innovative solutions to simplify travel testing. Offering PCR testing in the comfort of your home, business, or hotel, Drip Hydration’s in-home PCR testing is the perfect solution for those traveling in groups or departing under a time crunch.

With the same accuracy and speed as tests obtained at traditional testing sites, Drip Hydration’s Covid testing services provide a stress-free start to your travel.