How to Get Event Guests and Employees Tested for Covid in Las Vegas

The Covid-19 pandemic beginning in 2020 changed how we live our everyday lives. We have to practice social distancing, wear masks in public and take tests before safely attending large gatherings.

A rapid antigen test in Las Vegas is a fast and accurate way to determine if you are carrying the virus. Anytime there is a large event taking place, it is wise for the guests and employees to be tested and have a negative result before attending.

Rapid Covid-19 testing is the best way to prevent outbreaks of the virus.

Prevent an Outbreak

Ensuring that all guests have a negative result before going to a large gathering is one of the most efficient ways to prevent an outbreak of Covid-19. It has been proven that when someone comes in contact with another person with the virus, they are likely to catch Covid-19.

To ensure the virus doesn’t spread at large events, it is recommended to have everyone in attendance tested. Your guests will also feel safe knowing they are in company with people who have a negative rapid antigen test.

On-Site Testing

Onsite testing will allow guests or employees attending the event to receive a negative result before entering. You can request a mobile testing company to come to the event’s site and set up. They will administer the tests to all guests and employees onsite.

Rapid antigen test results are available within 30 minutes and are safe and accurate. Your guests will feel confident to attend and enjoy their outing.

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy is a provider of onsite Covid-19 testing. We will come set up at your event to deliver over 100 tests and results. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and schedule your onsite event mobile testing today.

Onsite Covid Testing For Businesses With Drip Hydration in Las Vegas

Onsite testing, where a testing service comes to your place of work, is an expedient option for businesses and employees. Drip Hydration can bring fast and convenient tests to your business, helping you keep your employees safe and Covid out of your workplace.

We look forward to helping keep you and your staff safe. Give us a call or click the button below for a custom consultation today.