Let’s face it, Covid 19 and its various variants has us all on edge. While we do everything we can to stay safe and healthy, there is always the potential to become infected because we have to live at least part of our lives in the public sector. Rather than waiting around to get infected and then figuring out how to deal with it, it’s a good idea to try and prepare and be a little bit proactive, considering how easily the virus spreads. There are more treatment options out now than there were previously, and it is now possible to take treatment prophylactically if you feel you’ve been exposed to Covid.

Here at Drip Hydration, one of our treatments is called Monoclonal Antibody IV therapy. Not only has this treatment shown surprisingly good results at lowering viral load in patients reducing symptom severity in patients, but those can also take it with exposure to lessen the onset of symptoms.

Who is Monoclonal IV Therapy Right For?

The great thing about our monoclonal IV therapy is that it helps reduce symptoms for those with Covid 19. It has the potential to reduce symptom severity and lower hospitalization rates, but that’s not all. It’s also great for anyone who has been exposed to Covid, even if they aren’t positive or haven’t shown symptoms. It can be taken proactively to prevent mild to moderate symptoms from becoming severe.

We even recommend that anyone in a high-risk environment, such as frontline workers, consider this treatment as a protective course of action.

We know that Covid 19 can be a life-altering virus and that even those with mild symptoms can be seriously devastated by the impact of the virus. If you think Monoclonal IV therapy is right for you, don’t hesitate to call us right away.