How to Get Your Employees Tested for Covid in Palm Springs

Employee Covid testing in Palm Springs is easily accessible. The Covid pandemic beginning in 2020 has brought on a lot of challenges for every person, no matter what age. Children are being homeschooled, and seniors cannot see their families and employees are working from home.

In recent months, many people have been slowly reclaiming their lives. Social events are opening again; schools are going back to in-person learning, and employees are returning to work. The Covid vaccine has enabled all of this to occur but still with proper precautions.

As an employer, you should be taking all necessary protocols to provide a safe and clean work environment for your employees. Your employees will appreciate all the safety measures you take.

What Should Employees Do?

Every employee needs to take the responsibility of self-evaluating before leaving for work. If you feel sick, have a fever, or experiencing any symptoms associated with Covid, you should stay home and quarantine until you get a negative test result.

You can also purchase a DIY Covid test kit and get the results rather quickly. They aren’t costly and will relieve you and your coworker from a negative result.

Professional On-site Testing

Any employer can call an onsite mobile testing company to set up a testing center at their place of employment. Certified nurses perform the tests by taking a nasal swab sample, and the results are typically ready in under an hour.

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy is a mobile testing company that will provide quick and accurate employee Covid testing in Palm Springs. They can administer over 100 tests and answer any questions your employees may have about safety.

Call Drip Hydration and set up your professional online testing today.

Onsite Covid Testing For Businesses With Drip Hydration

Onsite testing, where a testing service comes to your place of work, is an expedient option for businesses and employees. Drip Hydration can bring fast and convenient tests to your business, helping you keep your employees safe and Covid out of your workplace. We look forward to helping keep you and your staff safe. Give us a call or click the button below for a custom consultation today.