How to Get Your Event Staff Tested for COVID On-site in Austin

Many of us are eager to hold long-awaited events that may have been put on standby with COVID, especially in busy cities with activities like Austin. Corporate events, weddings, and family celebrations can be done again, but that does not mean we shouldn’t take precautions about our safety. To prevent any further outbreak and be certain your company is not contributing to the spread of the virus, you should research Covid tests for event staff in Austin.


Many different types of tests are available for COVID, thanks to research. There are PCR, antibody, and antigen tests. The diagnostic tests (PCR and antigen) both look for specific parts of the host’s body to indicate the virus. PCR looks at genetic material, while antigens seek proteins found on the virus. Antibody tests look for evidence that the body has created an immune response to COVID, meaning that the host has had it before. While they are all beneficial, typically, testing sent to a lab is more accurate.

Where to Get Tested

If you are hosting an event, it’s a good idea to get your staff-tested frequently. DIY tests are available to use at home but emphasize that the directions should be read and followed as outlined to prevent any potential inaccuracies. Tests done by medical professionals are much more reliable and easier to obtain, often able to be done with short notice by medical staff at urgent care or community centers. Companies like Drip Hydration offer on-site and at-home testing options. These can easily be done for several people at once, and depending on the type of test, you can get results in as little as fifteen minutes. Call today to book your COVID-19 test!

Onsite Covid Testing For Businesses With Drip Hydration

Onsite testing, where a testing service comes to your place of work, is an expedient option for businesses and employees. Drip Hydration can bring fast and convenient tests to your business, helping you keep your employees safe and Covid out of your workplace. We look forward to helping keep you and your staff safe. Give us a call or click the button below for a custom consultation today.