How to Get Your Wedding Guests Tested for COVID in New Jersey

If you are planning a life-changing event like a wedding, you want to ensure every one is as protected as possible with COVID lingering around. Having large gatherings can seem intimidating nowadays. However, you can take steps that will make your event day both heartwarming and safe. One of the preventative measures you can use is to encourage tests for wedding guests in New Jersey, a beautiful city for your big day.

Event Planning Precautions

Before your event, do what you can to follow the Center for Disease Control’s guidelines on COVID-19; when you look at venues, outdoor research options will give your guests more space and distance from each other. When seated, ensure there are six feet between guests. Consider using dishware or cups used once to discourage sharing or unsanitary dishes. Have hand sanitizer ready, or even give small ones away as a wedding souvenir.

Testing for Guests

Encourage your guests to get tested before the event to ensure the virus does not spread. It is easy for someone to believe they do not have a virus and show symptoms several days later, after affecting many other people. While you don’t need to demand proof of the test, you can kindly ask that those experiencing any symptoms, like a fever or cough, remain home rather than potentially affect others.

Provide your guests with resources for types of testing and locations. DIY testing kits are often found at most local pharmacies and retailers, but they may not be as accurate as others. Getting professionally tested is more reassuring since a professional will complete the test and send it to a lab. Rapid tests are available that are most effective when done at the onset of symptoms (if present).

If your guests prefer to have testing done at home, you can offer Drip Hydrations in-home services. Medical professionals will come to a location of their choosing (even a wedding venue or hotel) and complete the test, with results in fifteen minutes to a couple of days, depending on their choice of test. This is a step to conquering the virus, especially since many guests may be from out of town. Contact Drip Hydration to choose the test and date to schedule an appointment!

Covid Tests For Weddings In Chicago With Drip Hydration

Having a testing event at your wedding with Drip Hydration is a great way to keep your big day Covid-free. Our mobile testing service will set up at your venue, and a certified nurse will administer the test to your guests and provide accurate results in minutes.

If you are interested in testing your wedding guests for Covid and live in Chicago, contact Drip Hydration today by giving us a call or clicking the button below to schedule a consultation.

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