How to Get Your Wedding Guests Tested for Covid in St. George, UT 

Even though Covid is still a threat, people are tired of canceling their weddings and other special events because they are afraid of getting sick. If you’re going to have your wedding, you have to modify some things to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. At Drip Hydration, we believe everyone deserves to live their life but that protecting everyone’s safety is also important.

That’s why we’re going to talk about the best way to handle testing guests at a wedding to ensure no one is spreading Covid around. Most people face difficulty finding a way to test all the guests at a large event like this. Besides finding enough tests, there’s also managing the logistics of a large volume of people. This can become especially tricky if you have people flying in from all over the country, increasing the risk of exposure to Covid. Since it is impossible to manage all these factors on your own, there has to be a more efficient and practical solution.

On-site Testing Can Protect Your Wedding

Rather than managing all the people and the testing yourself, the most effective way to make sure everyone gets tested is to bring in an on-site testing company that handles professional Covid testing for large groups of people.

At Drip Hydration, we offer corporate and group testing on-site as part of our pledge to try and keep everyone safe no matter what type of event they are trying to host. If you need to have your guests tested, give us a call and schedule an appointment today!

Onsite Testing For Your Wedding During Covid-19 in St. George

Having a wedding during a pandemic is a challenge, but you can keep your guests safe by planning ahead and getting Covid-19 tests.

Drip Hydration provides onsite testing for weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties in Sacramento. Our registered nurses can quickly test all guests and provide results within 30 minutes so you can rest assured that all of your wedding is Covid-free. If someone does test positive, our nurses can provide medical guidance as to your next steps.

Book a consultation with the button below or by giving us a call. We will help ensure that your big day is a celebration to remember.