How to Host a Corporate Retreat During COVID

A company retreat offers the perfect opportunity for education and team bonding for any company. It is safe to say that many aspects of the corporate world have changed dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Life has slowly returned to a new normal, but we must remember that the virus still exists, and precautions should continue to be taken seriously. If you’re hoping to plan a corporate retreat during COVID, it is possible to do so without putting your employees at risk. This article will break down some important steps to take in doing so.

Get Outside

Employers can take one important tip when planning a corporate retreat during COVID to pick the location mindfully. You obviously won’t want to cram many employees into a tight, congested indoor space. Try to plan a retreat that features plenty of outside time. Find a location with a beautiful park and have your employees meet there. Outdoor areas offer plenty of space to stretch out and adequate air ventilation, causing a very minimal infection risk.

Be Mindful About Activities

Team building activities such as icebreakers and games can make corporate retreats fun for employees. However, you’ll want to be mindful about the activities you plan to make sure that they don’t require a lot of touching or passing items back and forth between a bunch of employees. If you would still like to use these activities, you can encourage employees to wash their hands before engaging in any games or activities. Some socially distanced games you could try include a scavenger hunt, trivia, or pictionary.

Encourage Health Screening and Testing

A very important aspect of keeping employees safe when planning a corporate retreat during COVID is encouraging health screening and COVID testing. Screen employees by handing out a health questionnaire asking if they’ve recently tested positive for COVID or been exposed to anyone who has. Ensure that employees are fully aware of common COVID symptoms and know to opt out of the retreat if they experience any. Find a reliable testing company to perform corporate testing on all employees before your retreat to be extra safe. Luckily, it is incredibly convenient to get employees tested for COVID through an on-site testing service, and you can even have them tested using a rapid test to receive fast and accurate results shortly before heading out for the retreat.

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Onsite Covid Testing For Businesses With Drip Hydration

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