How to Organize a Wedding During Covid 19 in Palm Springs

Organizing a wedding during COVID 19 in Palm Springs can be very frustrating. Many couples want to have their dream wedding and want to keep their family and friends safe from the virus.

There are ways to eliminate the risk of being infected by COVID while still enjoying a big wedding. Your loved ones want to help share your special day and will appreciate the steps and precautions you take to help them enjoy the day with you.

Safety Precautions

Since the beginning of COVID 19, there have been suggestions on how the public can remain safe while being out in public and attending large gatherings. Following a few basic precautions, you can move freely as you did before the pandemic.

Social distancing, wearing masks and using hand sanitizer when not able to properly wash your hands are simple ways to be proactive in slowing the spread of the virus.

Making yourself aware of your surroundings and watching out for other ways to prevent infection is key to remaining healthy. All of these safety measures will help out when planning your wedding.

On-Site Wedding Testing

Onsite wedding testing is becoming very popular due to the Covid pandemic. There are mobile testing companies that specialize in testing wedding guests onsite. They can test over 100 people and provide accurate results.

This will allow all guests to feel safe knowing that a negative result was required for anyone to be inside the wedding event itself.

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy is a company that provides this service. We will come to your event and set it up at your chosen location. Any quest is welcome to be tested, and you can rest at ease knowing you have provided a great service to your wedding guests.

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Onsite Testing For Your Wedding During Covid-19 in Palm Springs

Having a wedding during a pandemic is a challenge, but you can keep your guests safe by planning ahead and getting Covid-19 tests.

Drip Hydration provides onsite testing for weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties in Palm Springs. Our registered nurses can quickly test all guests and provide results within 30 minutes so you can rest assured that all of your wedding is Covid-free. If someone does test positive, our nurses can provide medical guidance as to your next steps.

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