How to Safely Organize a Photo Shoot During Covid

In today’s world, the way we do most activities has changed. A photographer that needs to organize a photoshoot during Covid has to follow strict guidelines to be still able to get the job done.

While gathering people together for a photo shoot may take more effort due to protocols and safety guidelines, the result will still be great photos!

Photographers are still able to work and provide fantastic quality photos under the new Covid safety measures. Incorporating these safety measures into your photo shoots only adds a few extra steps but will show your clients how serious you are about the virus and keeping everyone safe.

Safety Measures for a Photo Shoot

If you need to organize a photoshoot during Covid, follow these recommended safety measures to ensure a safe experience for everyone involved.

  • Keep Equipment and Work Area Clean at All Times. It would be best if you cleaned all of your photography equipment and workspace between every photography session. Also, be sure to sanitize the area where the session took place.
  • Choose open spaces for your photoshoots. Outside areas are the safest place to have a photoshoot, but that isn’t always an option.
  • Set up sanitation stations so all of your guests can keep their hands sanitized.
  • Ask your guests to bring minimal personal belongings. We all know the Covid virus can remain on surfaces for an extended period, so the fewer items around, the better.
  • Have everyone wear masks and social distance when not taking a picture.
  • Keep the number of people to a minimum. Ask that only the people taking the photo be present during the session.

Following these simple safety measures will ensure a clean environment for everyone involved.

On-Site Covid Testing

Photographers can add an extra safety measure to their photoshoots by asking a mobile testing company to set up on-site during their sessions. These mobile testing companies can easily set up an on-site event to allow guests to administer a Covid test right at the photoshoot location. The results are available in under 30 minutes, and this will add extra assurance that you are doing everything to prevent the spread of the virus.

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy is a company that will provide this service. We can come to you, set up our testing center, and provide quick and accurate results. Call us today to schedule your on-site photo shoot Covid testing.


Provide Onsite Covid Tests For Worry-Free Photoshoots

When safely organizing a photoshoot, on-site testing is a practical tool. Depending on the size of the photoshoot, a mobile Covid-19 testing service like Drip Hydration will send a registered nurse or a team of nurses to your studio and administer Covid-19 tests to your customers and/or employees.

Types of tests with same-day results:

With locations across the US, Drip Hydration provides on-site group Covid testing to ensure a successful photoshoot. We’re excited to help you focus on making sure your clients look their best!