How to Safely Organize a Wedding During COVID-19 in Boca Raton

Wedding planning has never been more challenging amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most wedding planners face the fear of potentially having to cancel their wedding if a breakout occurs. Luckily, as our society has adjusted to the post-pandemic world, planning weddings has become slightly more feasible than it was at the start of the pandemic. There are still some necessary precautions that should be taken, especially if you plan to host a wedding in a larger area such as Boca Raton. This article will break down some important safety precautions for anyone hoping to organize a wedding during COVID in Boca Raton.

COVID-19 Safety Tips for Weddings

There are a couple of effective ways to help keep wedding guests safe amid the COVID pandemic. Here are a few of our top tips:

  • Ensure that staff members such as photographers, caterers, and bartenders take precautions such as hand washing and mask-wearing.
  • Utilize a professional, on-site testing service to get participants and staff members tested before the start of the wedding.
  • Post signage in bathrooms and other venue areas to share additional COVID safety tips for guests.
  • Take advantage of outdoor venues since they offer better ventilation than indoor venues.
  • Limit your guest list as much as possible and only invite close family and friends.

Try Our Group Testing Service at Drip Hydration

Testing guests for COVID is one of the most effective ways to keep everyone safe at a wedding during a pandemic. If you’re planning a wedding, then you’ve likely already got enough on your plate, so why not leave the testing up to us? At Drip Hydration, we offer a professional, on-site testing service that is fast, convenient, and reliable. Schedule your testing services today!

Onsite Testing For Your Wedding in Boca Raton During Covid-19

Onsite Covid-19 testing is a preventative measure that you can take to protect your guests. Unlike the standard PCR tests that you can get at testing centers and clinics, Drip Hydration can come directly to your venue and administer rapid antigen tests to all attendees, regardless of age. The test is a nasal swab that only takes a couple of minutes to administer, and which produces results in 15 minutes or less.

With these tests, you can rest assured that everyone can safely relax and enjoy themselves – it’s your big day, after all! Book a consultation by giving us a call or clicking the button below, and let us develop the perfect testing plan for your wedding to ensure everyone is safe to celebrate.