How To Organize A Wedding During Covid-19 In Phoenix

Planning a wedding before the pandemic was already demanding enough before Covid. You only had to worry about the venue, reception, food, drinks, decoration, and music. During Covid, you have to add all those things and throw safety and health precautions in the mix. Covid has taught us how to do things differently and safely, especially in events like weddings. Let’s discuss how onsite testing for your guests can help you safely organize a wedding during Covid-19 in Phoenix.

Why test your guests?

The virus has shaped how we do things moving forward. No one wanted to catch a cold or flu before, but Covid is unusual in that it’s possible to be asymptomatic but infected. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t possible to tell if a guest is asymptomatic and has Covid. The only way you can be sure of this is if you administer rapid Covid testing to your guests before the event.

Rapid testing

Rapid antigen testing is a test administered by health professionals, and you can get the results as quickly as 15 minutes. If a guest tests negative, then they can proceed to attend your wedding. If they test positive, your nurse can advise you as to your next steps to keep your other guests safe. When you send out wedding invitations, it is important to let your guests know that they will be tested before the event.

Consider extra safety precautions

But the safety precautions should not end there. Gone are the days where everybody can cram on the dance floor or line up for a buffet. You should also let guests know beforehand that they should skip the event and stay home if they are feeling sick. During the event, you should also have hand sanitizers handy for guests who want to use them and encourage the use of masks, especially if your guests are immunocompromised.

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