How to Safely Organize a Wedding During COVID in Baltimore

Many people are likely relieved that some aspects of life have returned to normal in light of the COVID pandemic. For example, if you’ve wanted to plan a wedding, you might have thought it was not possible recently. Luckily, organizing a large event like a wedding is possible these days. There are still some important precautions when planning to organize a wedding during COVID in Baltimore. Below, we’ve listed a few of our top tips.

Tips for Keeping Wedding Guests Safe During the Pandemic

  • Encourage all guests to wash their hands regularly and provide hand sanitizer.
  • Ask that any guests who are sick plan not to attend. You could even administer a wellness survey before the wedding for guests to fill out.
  • Have guests get tested on-site or before attending the wedding. On-site testing is surprisingly convenient and one of the best ways to keep guests safe.
  • Plan an outdoor wedding if possible to provide adequate ventilation.
  • Ask that guests wear masks to keep one another safe.
  • Keep your guest list as minimal as possible. The fewer guests you have, the less at risk everyone is.

Choose Drip Hydration for On-Site Group Testing

If you’re hoping to organize a wedding during COVID in Baltimore safely, Drip Hydration has you covered. We offer on-site, group COVID testing, an incredibly convenient and efficient way to keep wedding guests safe during the pandemic. Our rapid testing is fast and reliable. One of our trained nurses can test participants on-site before the start of the wedding, providing results quickly so that everyone can enjoy the wedding without worrying about spreading sickness. Planning a wedding is enough work; let us take some of the pressure off by covering your COVID testing needs. Schedule your testing today!

Onsite Testing For Your Wedding in Baltimore During Covid-19

Onsite Covid-19 testing is a preventative measure that you can take to protect your guests. Unlike the standard PCR tests that you can get at testing centers and clinics, Drip Hydration can come directly to your venue and administer rapid antigen tests to all attendees, regardless of age. The test is a nasal swab that only takes a couple of minutes to administer, and which produces results in 15 minutes or less.

With these tests, you can rest assured that everyone can safely relax and enjoy themselves – it’s your big day, after all! Book a consultation by giving us a call or clicking the button below, and let us develop the perfect testing plan for your wedding to ensure everyone is safe to celebrate.