How to Safely Organize a Wedding During Covid in Charlotte

Are you looking to organize a wedding during Covid in Charlotte? There are many ways to make your special day safe without sacrificing any of the traditions you look forward to.

Weddings are one of the events drastically affected by the Covid pandemic. So many couples had to cancel their big day and lose deposits, not to mention the hardship and stress of wondering when to reschedule.

Tips For a Safe Wedding

Couples all over had to develop a whole new game plan to ensure their wedding guests felt safe and could enjoy their day. By putting in a few safety guidelines, you can put yourself and your guests at ease.

  • Stay six feet apart. Keep your guests’ chairs at the reception at the proper social distance requirements. You should speak with the venue and make the seating arrangement Covid safe.
  • Wear a mask. Encourage all of your guests to wear a mask, and that means the bride and groom too. You could dress up the masks and make them very fancy.
  • Do not have a buffet. This would only spread fear to your guests. Have family-style or individual plates served to your guests.
  • Have the wedding outdoors if you are able. This is by far the best option if weather appropriate.
  • Offer sanitation stations throughout your venue.

These tips are meant to help your guests feel safe and still enjoy their day.

Onsite Wedding Guest Testing

Drip Hydration Mobile IV Therapy will come to your wedding venue and set up onsite rapid testing to put guests at ease. The results will be available within 30 minutes to any guest who requests one.

We have certified nurses ready to help make your day safe and special. Call Drip Hydration today and schedule your large group testing service today.


Onsite Testing For Your Wedding During Covid-19 in Sacramento

Having a wedding during a pandemic is a challenge, but you can keep your guests safe by planning ahead and getting Covid-19 tests.

Drip Hydration provides onsite testing for weddings and bachelor/bachelorette parties in Sacramento. Our registered nurses can quickly test all guests and provide results within 30 minutes so you can rest assured that all of your wedding is Covid-free. If someone does test positive, our nurses can provide medical guidance as to your next steps.

Book a consultation with the button below or by giving us a call. We will help ensure that your big day is a celebration to remember.