How To Test Your Employees For Covid In London

Covid-19 is a virus that unfortunately continues to run rampant. As businesses continue to function, some require employees to attend work with precautions in place if they cannot work from home. While proper precautions are necessary to mitigate any further contagion, companies should also offer resources to their workers to be tested or vaccinated. There are also options to test employees for Covid in London at your work location.

The importance of testing

With people returning to work and beginning to go out into the community more, we must remain diligent about testing. While daily testing is unnecessary, it should be emphasized that if your employees are experiencing symptoms, they should self-quarantine and take a test immediately. They should also test if they have been exposed to someone who tested positive. Several different tests are available, such as the rapid PCR, standard PCR, and rapid antigen test.

What are your business testing options?

With the need for testing so high, there are a variety of ways to get tested to keep up with demand. Ensure your employees are educated about the most accurate tests and any deadlines they may need to meet, especially for travel purposes.

  • Many walk-through testing sites exist in London, but these may require certain information to be completed beforehand. There may also be age-based restrictions or other considerations.
  • Employees can also purchase a test to complete themselves. While these are convenient, they may be inaccurate due to the natural discomfort of administering the test. Since most tests need to go further in the throat or nose than may be comfortable, this may result in individuals not getting a sufficient sample to provide accurate results.
  • Employees can also be encouraged to visit their family doctor or specialist, which may offer results and education.
  • Pharmacies are also an excellent place to look for testing.
  • You can provide your staff with onsite Covid testing for businesses via a private medical service. This option is the simplest and most straightforward to keep Covid out of your office.

How do onsite testing services work?

Onsite tests make providing consistent, streamlined tests for your staff simple.

  • A nurse (or team of nurses, depending on the size of your business) arrives at your workplace with all supplies necessary to administer tests to your staff.
  • They will set up in a designated area, typically a private room or office.
  • They will administer tests to all participating staff.
  • Once tests have been collected, they will either be processed onsite or securely packed and taken to a lab for processing, depending on the type of test you choose.
  • Test results will be distributed in compliance with employee privacy rights, and nurses can help guide the next steps if someone does test positive.
  • Tests can be conducted on an ongoing basis to help keep the virus out of your workplace.

Business Covid Testing With Drip Hydration

Testing is an excellent preventive measure, but it’s most effective with other safety measures. Ensure that your employees have access to resources, such as common symptoms of Covid, local vaccination sites, and places to contact for information. If you ask them to return to an office building, keep them safe by following safety protocols such as having desks spread out and hand sanitizing stations. Encourage frequent hand washing and wearing masks.

If you have a large company with many employees, you may find it a bit difficult to keep up with managing their safety during the pandemic. Drip Hydration offers onsite testing, which is a convenient way to get all your employees tested safely. All testing is completed by registered nurses, and rapid antigen tests, same-day PCR, next-day PCR, and international travel testing options are available.

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