How Water Can Help with Weight Loss

How Water Can Help with Weight Loss

How Water Can Help with Weight LossBecause it is such an essential and ubiquitous substance, the nutritional benefits of water are often overlooked. For that matter, even the most health-conscious athlete often fails to remember how important simple hydration is for their bodies. Hydration increases the resilience of the metabolism and the urge to exercise and consequently to lose weight. What follows is a list of specific benefits that functions the water and hydration plays when it comes to weight loss.



Drinking Water Can Make You Burn More Calories

Water and Weight Loss

Studies have shown that consuming at least one, 17 oz. serving of water per day is important in facilitating weight loss. In fact staying hydrated increases the number of calories your body burns in a process called resting energy expenditure, even when you don’t work out. An adults resting energy expenditure increases by 24% to 30% around 10 minutes after drinking water, with the affects lasting around 60 minutes. Additionally, another study of overweight youngster revealed a 25% increase in their resting energy expenditure after having consumed cold water.

A study of obese women looked at the effects of raising water consumption up to more than 1 liter per day and discovered that during a 12-month period, there was an additional extra 4.4 lbs. of weight loss. These studies confirmed that consuming 17 of water in a day burns an additional 23 calories. Yearly that equals approximately 17,000 calories — or 4.4 lbs. Further studies have looked at overweight individuals who consumed 34–50 oz. of water per day for several weeks and found a significant weight loss, BMI, clothing size, and body fat. Drinking an adequate amount of water speeds up the body’s recovery time, making consistent exercise more likely.


Having Water Before Meals Dampens The Appetite

It is commonly claimed that water can reduce a person’s appetite. There is actual evidence of this old wives tale as research has shown it to be true, though pretty exclusively in cases involving middle-aged adults and older. Studies have shown that in older adults drinking water before a meal can promote weight loss by 4.4 lbs. in a 12-week period.
In another one study, middle-aged obese and overweight participants that consumed water before a meal lost about 44% more weight, than those who did not consume more water. A later study revealed that consuming water before eating breakfast reduces the calories consumed by %13. Drinking water consistently can also regulate upset stomach and stave off stomach aches when people have managed to miss a meal.


Drinking More Water May Be Connected To Lower Calorie Intake And Weight Gain

Water has no calories which leads people to recognize it as a calorie food substitute and will drink it instead of juices and soda which a high in calories and sugar. Extensive studies have revealed that those who drink water often have up to a 9% reduction in calorie intake. Over time this can make the difference between a successful or a failed diet. Additionally drinking water help stave off long-term weight gain as well, and people who drink water at an average rate, lose about 3.2 lbs every four years.

Weight can be lost by:

• Drinking an extra cup of water may lower average weight gain by approximately 0.23 lbs.
• Switching water for other drinks such as a serving of a sugary beverage can reduce four years of weight gain by 1.1 pounds.

Advising young children to drink water only on daily basis is essentially as it has been shown to reduce their chances of becoming obese or overweight. Recent studies have shown that school-aged kids who drink water at campuses with water fountains have a reduced rate of weight problems. IV hydration treatments are a quick way to restore your hydration status and improve weight loss efforts.