How Widespread is the New COVID Omicron Variant in Los Angeles 

Since COVID is a new virus, experts had a hard time predicting its course, but one thing that was brought up, in the beginning, is that this virus, like any other viruses, will mutate.

The Omicron variant is the latest mutation of Coronavirus that has affected and taken the country by storm, including Los Angeles.

Omicron Variant in Los Angeles

Earlier in January, cases in Los Angeles peaked at 45,000 positive cases daily, which shattered all previous daily records since the onset of the pandemic. This astonishing surge can be attributed to the Omicron variant being highly contagious and transmissible.

Fast forward to a few weeks after record-breaking cases, Los Angeles seemingly has plateaued and is on its way to flattening the curve. But now is not the right time to put your guard down, even if the cases are going down. With 26,000 cases getting reported daily might be significantly less than the peak, but it is still a lot.

COVID Testing in Los Angeles

One of the ways that you can help fight the surge is to get proper testing if you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to somebody who tested positive. Getting tested is also encouraged if you work with the public or plan to travel or return for traveling.

With a plethora of options for testing in Los Angeles, it is important to find a reputable company that can deliver fast and accurate results. This is where Drip Hydration comes in. We offer an array of testing types, and you will surely find one that best fits your needs.

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How Early Testing Helps Shorten The Recovery Timeline

Although knowing and understanding how Covid-19 progresses is essential, knowing where the timeline starts is the most vital information to know. Early testing remains one of the most effective ways to manage Covid-19 symptoms because it provides adequate lead time to initiate intervention measures.

Drip Hydration provides confidential and convenient in-home Covid-19 testing delivered by a licensed nurse practitioner. We offer a wide range of testing options, including antibody, PCR, and antigen testing as a standard test that takes a few hours or a rapid Covid-19 test that generates results in less than an hour.

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