In-Home IV Therapy

In-Home IV Therapy

In-Home IV Therapy TreatmentFor a minute, consider what it would be like if you were feeling rundown after hours and hours of exercise. Your muscles are tired, worn, and you can barely move, but you’re still alert and have things to do, and you just can’t leave your home. Many people in major cities, like Los Angeles, suffering from sicknesses like lethargy, jetlag and hangover are looking for a way to recover as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the people behind IV infusion therapy are finding new ways to help people with in-home treatment. This new movement is part of a more holistic idea of wellness that involves providing professional-level IV treatments to people within the comfort of their own homes quickly, efficiently, and carefully. Below are a few specific treatments that IV hydration therapist can provide in-home.



Energy Boost Hydration Therapy

In-Home IV Therapy

IV hydration therapy specialists are addressing the significant issues of chronic fatigue and general malaise that many busy people experience. To address the symptoms of feeling low-energy such as sluggishness, muscle aches, anxiousness, and tension IV therapist deliver fortified IV hydration bags to their client’s doorsteps. These IV hydration bags come formulated specifically to deal with both mental and physical exhaustion. They include ingredients such as vitamins B and B 12 and other antioxidants as well as hydrating IV fluids to help people feel more like themselves. The result is a sense of clarity and focus, as well as a palpable increase in energy.


In-Home Hangover Treatments

One of the most popular applications of IV hydration therapy, especially at home is the hangover treatment. After you’ve spent the night out drinking in excess, you are likely to experience some of the familiar symptoms of nausea, feeling displaced, dehydration, horrific stomach cramps, and headaches for hours. However, if you opt for in-home IV hydration therapy, these symptoms could be significantly reduced. With IV hydration bags you can find relief in around 30 to 60 minutes from a hangover that can last all day if not for the entire weekend. These IV hydration bags contain things like vitamin B 12, B complex vitamins, Zofran, and of course IV fluids, to help you get back on your feet.


IV Hydration Beauty Treatments

Many people have turned to IV hydration, especially in places like Hollywood, to help them look their best. This requires the use of IV hydration bags that not only help to detox the body but also helps people present a striking, healthy looking appearance. Typically, these IV hydration bags contain B complex vitamins, B12 vitamins, electrolytes, vitamin C, biotin, and glutathione, just to name a few essential nutrients. The result is younger, healthier looking skin and hair and a renewed sense of vigor.


The Myers Cocktail

One novel IV hydration drip therapy that you can have administered in-home is an all-inclusive wellness therapy that has gained traction and popularity. The Myers cocktail includes ingredients such as B complex vitamins, magnesium, vitamin C, and electrolytes. What sets the Myers cocktail apart is that it has the potential to treat a variety of ailments, such as the symptoms of asthma, fatigue, migraines, muscle spasms, seasonal allergies, and a plethora of other disorders.