How to Get an Inflammation Panel in Las Vegas

Inflammation has a bad reputation and is often the culprit of numerous health issues and even death. It is important to pinpoint whether you are suffering from acute or chronic inflammation because it can lead to a medical diagnosis. With the help of a medical professional, you can take steps to eliminate inflammation or prevent it from happening. One of the most popular tests to detect the presence of inflammation is inflammation panel testing.

What is an inflammation panel?

Inflammation panel testing is a blood draw performed by a licensed medical professional. It is a quick and effective way to figure out the presence of inflammation in your body. 

What are the benefits of an inflammation panel?

Inflammation occurs naturally and is the body’s response to injuries, illnesses, and bacterial infections. Acute inflammation is normal and can happen anytime, but the problem lies when you are suffering from chronic inflammation. With chronic inflammation, your tissues and cells will get extensive damage, contributing to a range of long-term illnesses.

An inflammation panel test will help determine whether you are suffering from acute or chronic inflammation. With this type of test, your doctor can pinpoint if you have chronic inflammation and recommend steps to overcome or treat the symptoms that come with it.

How does inflammation panel testing work?

After the blood draw, the sample will be sent to the lab for processing. Once the results are provided, your doctor will discuss them with you through a consultation. Next steps will be identified, and a treatment plan will be recommended if chronic inflammation is present.