How to Get an Inflammation Panel in Nashville, TN

Inflammation is a natural occurrence and the body’s response to healing injuries and fighting viruses that can cause diseases. People sometimes suffer from chronic inflammation wherein the cells and tissues are damaged, leading to cell changes. One of the ways that you can find out if you have chronic inflammation is to undergo an inflammation panel test.

What is an inflammation panel?

An inflammation panel test includes specific blood tests that can help diagnose the causes of inflammation in your body, such as auto-immune diseases. An inflammation panel measures inflammatory markers caused by diet, environmental toxins, and diseases.

What are the benefits of an inflammation panel?

Finding out if you are suffering from chronic inflammation is helpful so that you can talk to your doctor about undertaking a treatment plan to help you deal with this condition. Finding out the root cause of inflammation is beneficial because it can lead to a medical diagnosis which can give you treatment options so that you can feel better faster.

Inflammation detection is vital in health care because it can lead to preventative measures. Testing for inflammation can also determine whether you are experiencing chronic or acute inflammation.

How does inflammation panel testing work?

The inflammation panel testing is safe and straightforward. It entails a blood draw, and the sample will be returned to the laboratory for testing. Once the results are processed and available, a consultation will be scheduled to discuss the results and make recommendations for treatments and lifestyle changes. 

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