Is Getting Back to the Office Going to Be Delayed Because of the Delta Variant

The world has known about Coronavirus for more than a year now and has made great strides in collecting information about it and finding ways to combat the deadly virus. Like any other viruses that came before it, the Coronavirus is bound to mutate. There are variants out there that are delaying a return to normalcy, and the Delta variant is one of them.

Will returning to the office be delayed by the Delta variant?

According to CDC, the Delta variant is a mutation of the Covid-19 virus. This variant is highly transmissible even among the vaccinated population. In July 2021, the CDC released new masking guidelines recommending that masks be worn indoors regardless of a person’s vaccination status.

CNBC published an article that bigger companies like Google, Lyft, and Uber have delayed reopening their workplaces for office-based employees. Some companies have implemented vaccine mandates for all their employees. Before the Delta variant, we already saw signs of normalcy in outdoor events, gatherings, and people returning to offices – but all these came to an abrupt stop as more and more people are getting infected by the new variant, and cases are spiking again.

Some larger companies opted to implement a hybrid plan wherein employees will report to the office for a few days during the week and then work remotely for the remaining days. Companies are also getting flexible when letting employees work remotely full-time and providing support and resources needed to maintain a home-office setup.

Companies like Amazon and Wells Fargo chose to push back reopening the offices from Fall 2021 to January 2022, especially for their employees who can do work remotely. When companies are letting employees in the workplace, there are processes and procedures in place for self-examination and attesting that they are not exhibiting symptoms before reporting for work.

Other companies are implementing a vaccine mandate for ALL employees; this means that employees will need to show or certify that they have been fully vaccinated before returning to the office.

In a Forbes article, employees feel apprehensive about going back to the office, especially since there is a surge in Delta variant cases. This apprehension can be countered by the employer implementing safety precautions to ensure a safe return to the workplace. By doing this, employers can show that they care about their employees and their safety is the ultimate priority.

How employees can protect themselves in the office

Returning to the offices can be daunting and scary at first, especially if you have been working from home for more than a year. Before returning to your office, make sure that you understand the policies and procedures your company is implementing for employee safety. You should continue to wear a mask, especially if you are working closely with other people.

Washing or sanitizing your hands will also help keep the virus away. If you have any symptoms, it’s best to inform your employer, stay home, and get tested right away. There are rapid testing sites available that are easily accessible to get your results right away. Once you get your results, you should let your employer know right away if it’s positive or negative so that they can do their appropriate procedures.

It might feel like we are back in 2020 and not progressing because of the different COVID variants. There is light at the end of the tunnel; we just have to keep our guard up and continue practicing the safety precautions to avoid getting sick.

How testing can help you do your part to prevent the spread

If you are exhibiting symptoms or have been exposed to somebody who tested positive for Coronavirus, it is best to refrain from going to the office and getting tested right away. You should contact your HR Department right away once you are feeling sick or have been exposed so that they can follow through with the appropriate procedures.

Getting tested right away will give you and the people around you peace of mind. Preventing the spread of Covid-19 is a monumental feat, but all it takes is for each individual to do their part, stay safe and vigilant. Going back to normal will seem much closer if we each do our part, and we can resume our normal lives pre-Covid.

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