Is There a Cure for Hangxiety?

Having a few drinks with friends from time to time is a great way to release stress and catch up on much-needed socialization away from the office. Many individuals look forward to these times because being away from work, and the normal stress of life can become tedious. We all feel like every day is the same at some point, and it’s so nice to be off the schedule for once.

We all deserve downtime, and there is no reason you can’t enjoy a few drinks without feeling guilty. Some of us need to socialize more than others, which is perfectly fine if done correctly.

However, sometimes that fun night out can end up with you waking up on the wrong side of the bed. You may open your eyes to some not-so-nice morning feelings. The feelings of physical hangover symptoms like a bad headache, maybe some nausea, and an overwhelming feeling of concern for why you let yourself go overboard with the drinking.

What is hangxiety?

Many people feel added anxiety on top of their hangover symptoms in the morning after a fun time with friends. The brain is overcome with racing thoughts when a person drinks because their normal function may be temporarily altered. Finding yourself waking up with a hangover can put your emotions on high alert and have your mind trying to get back their normal thoughts.

Waking up tired physically and emotionally is sometimes the price for a great night out. You get a sense of anger towards yourself because you know these symptoms could have been prevented, and you wonder nervously when they are going to subside and give you back your normal thoughts and feelings.

Experiencing a hangover is never a good time, and when you add in the emotional triggers that alcohol can play on your brain, you are not in for a very good wake-up call. Your body deals with alcohol and stress in different ways, and feeling sick physically and mentally is a lot to take in when you wake up from a fun night out.

Is there a cure for hangxiety?

Unfortunately, there is no easy fix for the feelings that come with hangxiety. If you want to go out and have fun with friends and blow off steam, you may have to come to terms with the fact that your morning may begin with these anxious, racing thoughts and the horrible physical symptoms associated with a night out of drinking.

However, there is a treatment you can request from us that will allow you to bounce back and feel refreshed a little faster. An IV hangover treatment can rehydrate your body and deliver essential electrolytes and fluids needed to help relieve some if not all of your symptoms.

What is an IV treatment?

An IV treatment is a safe and effective way to give your body almost instant relief from the feelings of hangxiety symptoms such as:

  • Worry over what happened while you were drinking
  • Depression
  • Feeling restless
  • Increased Heart rate
  • Overwhelmed by all your thoughts

You could experience only a few symptoms after waking up with a hangover, plus the added anxiety symptoms. Your hangxiety symptoms could be more severe or light than those listed.

An IV treatment can deliver help directly into your bloodstream through an IV bag. Trained professionals can help you feel refreshed almost instantly. It is important for clients to regain their confidence and feel rejuvenated.

Each IV treatment bag is blended with specific medications and essential electrolytes to help combat hangxiety symptoms. Getting an IV treatment can give you back peace of mind and the strength to keep your scheduled plans for the day. A doctor can visit your home, office, or hotel to administer the IV treatment.

Ways to prevent hangxiety

Before heading out for a night of partying with friends, remember a few simple things. Try to let your body stay as hydrated as possible. Even if that means having a glass of water between drinks to slow down the symptoms of hangxiety from starting or even stop them from coming altogether.

Remember to make healthy food choices throughout the day if you know you are heading out with friends and when you go out, try to eat some food at times so the alcohol isn’t able to hang around on your empty stomach.

Everyone is entitled to a fun night, and drinking responsibly is something fun to enjoy in moderation. If you watch yourself and remember these tips, you may wake up with maybe just a slight headache or maybe no hangover symptoms.

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