IV Hydration Therapy for the Flu Featured

IV Hydration Therapy for the Flu

The growing popularity of IV hydration has led to numerous new applications for this convenient in-home therapy. But even beyond applications such as hangover treatments, migraines, jet leg, and exhaustion, there have been some new innovations involving IV treatment for the flu in particular. At least twice a year people are attacked by the flu in a massive infectious wave.
Consequently, the people behind IV hydration therapy have seen fit to come up with IV hydration cocktails that take just 45 minutes to deliver a mix of vitamins and nutrients that will neutralize many of the symptoms of the flu. The following details specific ways that the flu virus is contracted and how people can survive and thrive. Additionally, we will look at the particular advantages of IV hydration therapy in treating the more debilitating symptoms of the flu.

Understanding the Flu Season and How IV Hydration Therapy Works

IV Therapy for the Flu

When winter months drift into the spring or at the beginning of winter, is when the flu season kicks into high gear. Unfortunately, these are typically the times when we need energy the most. With the holidays commencing we have to be on our feet and out in stores, tying up loose ends before vacations, etc. etc. Additionally, those living in big cities like Los Angeles or those having to navigate the New Year’s Eve party season also have to fortify their bodies to survive.
More traditional methods of treating the flu involve getting the shot at the local pharmacy or if it’s too late heading to the hospital or the doctor’s office to treat symptoms. Often this solution takes up most of your day, as you have to head to a clinic or hospital for effective treatment. This is why many people are opting for an alternative treatment in the form of flu focused IV hydration therapy.

Misconceptions about Flu Treatment, And IV Hydration Therapy Vs Antibiotics

People think of the flu as a viral illness but they often treat it with antibiotics. These medicines are made to kill microbes specifically bacteria. However, these antibiotics are often applied inappropriately.
In these cases, they can be as harmful as the flu itself. In some cases, it has been hypothesized that using these antibiotics frequently leads to the development of allergies. Additionally, these antibiotics attack bacteria that are essential for our survival and for remaining healthy. Of course antibiotics have their place, but if they are overused they can lead to the creation of so-called “super bacteria”.
This is one reason why IV hydration therapy has moved into prominence. While it does not use antibiotics, IV hydration fortifies the immune system with nutrients and vitamins such as complex B 12 vitamins. These vitamins help to support the body’s natural defenses, to fight off the flu.

IV Hydration and Flu Facts

One thing people forget when it comes to dealing with the flu is that an optimal level of hydration is essential for fighting the symptoms and preventing the sickness in the first place. IV hydration can deliver the optimal amount of fluids into your body to help you fight the flu in approximately 45 minutes. The symptoms of the flu such as body aches, fever, sinus congestion, cough, and sore throats are often caused by inflammatory issues that can actually be treated by the application of IV hydration therapy.
IV therapy helps to take care of the symptoms of the flu. However, it also does a good job of pushing out the toxins that can contribute to flu sufferers feeling sluggish in sick, while replenishing the vital nutrients and vitamins in your body and rehydrating your system.