How To Get IV Therapy At Home In Miami

Miamians looking to enhance their general wellness routines may be curious about IV vitamin therapy but nervous about exposure to Covid-19 and its variants. Does vitamin infusion therapy really have benefits? Is there any way to get treatments at home? Keep reading as we explore the facts around IV vitamin therapy in Miami.

What is IV vitamin therapy?

Using infusion therapy to deliver a vitamin cocktail directly to your bloodstream is known as IV vitamin therapy. The advantage of using an IV over taking supplements orally is in the absorption rate.

Roughly 50% of medications, nutrients, and vitamins are lost to the digestive process when taken orally. This also means that they must travel through the digestive system before they can begin to work. Vitamin IV drips allow for near-full absorption, and can begin taking effect more quickly.

What are the benefits of vitamin IV drips?

There are a wide range of benefits to IV vitamin therapy, as numerous formulas exist to promote and restore general wellness.

A few examples of formula types include:

  • Boost energy, rehydrate, and aid recovery
  • Enhance beauty, aid weight loss, and fight aging
  • Aid for recovery from hangovers, stomach flu, and general illness

Does Vitamin C IV therapy help fight cancer?

High-dose vitamin C therapy as a cancer treatment has had a controversial history. Based upon decades-old studies, some doctors remain prejudiced against the idea that large doses of Vitamin C have any benefit for cancer patients. But in recent years, scientists have come back to reexamining the benefits of Vitamin C IVs.

The difficulties of funding research for vitamin C as a cancer treatment

Earlier studies did not offer long enough windows of treatment to fully study the long-term effects of Vitamin C treatments. This is due in large part to the fact that it’s not possible to patent Vitamin C, meaning a lack of financial return to motivate pharmaceutical companies to invest in studying it.

While many smaller-scale trials have shown promise, it has been traditionally difficult to secure funding for large-scale clinical trials that could lead to approved treatments.

Can high-dose vitamin C help cancer patients?

In nearly all studies, Vitamin C improved quality of life in those with cancer. Pain was notably reduced, and non-cancerous tissues were protected from the toxic effects of chemotherapy. The treatment itself was well-tolerated, meaning that patients experienced few side effects.

It also appears that Vitamin C can work with and enhance the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. There are some specific types of cancer cells that vitamin C treatments were able to kill or reduce in studies, but more research is needed to better understand this effect before it can become a standard treatment.

You can get treatments in the form of Vitamin C injections or a Vitamin C IV drip. Vitamin C IVs have the added benefit of ensuring you are fully hydrated, and they can be combined with other vitamin cocktails to ensure your body has the vitamins it needs to fight off cancer.

At present, high-dose vitamin C remains an adjunct therapy alongside standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Cancer patients who are interested in this treatment should speak to your treatment team about adding vitamin C to your care plan and not attempt to self-medicate.

Drip Hydration Can Bring IV Vitamin Therapy To Your Miami Home

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