How to Get Lab Tests Done in Portland Maine

Staying on top of your health is a constant battle. However, one of the most frustrating parts is having to go back and forth to the doctor or clinic for blood work and other lab tests. That is until recently. Now it is possible to get a wide range of lab tests done in the privacy of your own home. This takes much of the hassle out of keeping up with your health and makes it much easier, safer, and more private to get the tests you need to determine if something is wrong. This also makes getting help when you need it easier and simpler too.

What kinds of tests can you have done?

Lab tests are much easier to get now, and many of them can be crucial to your overall health. The tests range from general wellness panels, allergy, food sensitivity tests, and hormone tests to more specialized tests such as STD panels. STD panels check for some of the most commonly transmitted diseases; microbiome tests check to ensure your bacteria levels are correct and your digestive system is functioning properly.

You can even get tests that check specific areas of the body to ensure they are healthy, such as a urinary or vaginal health test. Some tests screen for heavy metals in the body, genetic cancer screenings, and sleep and stress tests.

Schedule your at Home Lab Test in Portland Maine with Driphydration

Take a look at Drip Hydration if you need a lab test but prefer to avoid going to the doctor's office. We are a licensed mobile healthcare provider that offers a variety of services, including lab tests. You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone for one of our healthcare experts to come to your home and collect samples for one of our many available lab tests, such as:

  • Wellness Panel
  • Male Hormone
  • Female Hormone
  • STD Panel
  • Thyroid Panel
  • Anemia Panel
  • Food Sensitivity
  • Genetic Cancer Screening
  • Micronutrient
  • Gut Microbiome
  • Inflammation Panel
  • Heavy Metal Panel
  • Sleep and Stress Panel
  • Urinary Health Panel
  • Vaginal Health Panel
  • and more… 

Our team will ensure that samples are safely delivered to our lab. Once your results are in, we can help you interpret them and take the next steps toward a healthier you. Drip Hydration is a discreet and professional healthcare service centered on you. Contact us right away!