What Is The Easiest Way To Get Covid-19 Testing In Miami

As Covid-19 cases surge in Florida, the need for testing to help stop the spread is greater than ever. It can feel impossible to keep up with the science, convenience, and risk associated with each option when research seems to evolve so rapidly.

Drip Hydration has compiled the facts to help Miami families find the easiest way to get tested for Covid-19.

What types of Covid-19 tests are available?

As we detail more thoroughly here, families have a few options for tests. You will want to verify what types of tests your center of choice offers, as not all testing locations offer all types of tests.

There are four types tests for Covid-19, which include:


  • Accuracy is the “Gold Standard” of Covid-19 tests
  • Test is given via nasal swab
  • Results typically return in 3 days from lab processing

Accula Rapid PCR

  • Same accuracy as standard RT-PCR
  • Test is given via nasal swab
  • Results are processed onsite within 30 minutes

Rapid Antigen

  • Least accurate of available options (test has a higher rate of both false positives and negatives)
  • Test is given via nasal swab or throat swab
  • Results are processed onsite within 15 minutes


  • Tests whether you had Covid-19 previously
  • Test is given via finger stick or blood draw
  • Results typically return in 3 days from lab processing

What test should I get?

Determining which test is best for you and your family is a personal decision that varies depending on your needs.

  • If you have isolated for two weeks or more and want to know if you previously had Covid-19, you may find an Antibody test sufficient for your needs.
  • If you are arranging in advance to visit a loved one in a high risk category (including but not limited to elderly, pregnant, and immunocompromised individuals), you may wish to arrange an RT-PCR test 3-5 days prior to your visit for peace of mind.
  • If you need immediate results for any reason, the Rapid Antigen or Accula Rapid RT-PCR test returns results within 15 – 30 minutes, respectively.

What is the easiest way to get tested in Miami?

You can visit community or privately-run testing centers, or get tested at home. There are a number of Covid-19 community testing sites throughout the county, listed here. Most tests are “drive through,” meaning you are given materials to administer swabs to yourself, then hand them off for processing without leaving your vehicle.

DIY tests are also now available in some retail stores, allowing you to administer the test to yourself at home. In-home testing is also available from medical services like Drip Hydration.

Testing centers have several drawbacks. For example, most centers have age limits on who they will test, meaning families may need multiple trips to test the household. Despite precautions, there is a heightened risk of getting Covid-19 when visiting a center with hundreds or even thousands of others also seeking tests. You may also have to wait in hours-long lines due to the current demand for tests.

Getting tested at home is the easiest way to know if you have Covid-19 in Miami, as you can avoid all of the drawbacks of in-center tests. Although in-home testing has an upfront cost that may not be covered by insurance, the surging demand for tests is already beyond community centers’ capacity.

We discuss the pros and cons of at-home Covid-19 testing versus community and private testing centers here at length.

Do DIY kits work?

There are a number of DIY tests on the market; the accuracy, cost, and speed of getting results varies depending on the manufacturer. It is important to note that not all tests are FDA approved.

Although DIY kits offer the convenience of testing at home, the task of administering the test falls to you, which may make you feel squeamish, or concerned about user-error. This can be amplified for anyone in charge of administering tests to others. Results take 3-7 days or more to come back, depending on the manufacturer, and does not include possible shipping delays.

Our comprehensive guide to DIY Covid-19 home test kits can be found here.

How does an in-home Covid-19 testing service work?

Should you schedule an appointment with an in-home service such as Drip Hydration, you can expect a nurse to visit your home to administer the test you have chosen. The test itself takes only a few minutes, and you can avoid long waits at Miami testing centers as well as potential site closures due to inclement weather.

Depending on which test you choose, it will either be processed on site with results in 15-30 minutes, or the service will send it to a lab for processing within 3 days. Should you get a positive test result, our nurse will provide medical guidance as to your next steps.

The Easiest Way To Get Covid-19 Testing In Miami Is At Home

Allow Drip Hydration to relieve some of the stress and risk from doing your part in stopping the spread of Covid-19. Appointments can be scheduled as little as 24 hours in advance to have one of our medical professionals visit your home and administer tests to up to 5 people.