How Are Miami Universities Handling COVID-19?

College campuses all across the US have become hot spots for Covid-19, and Miami is no different. Here’s how Miami-area universities are handling Covid-19 and how you can help keep your student safe.

How Miami universities are handling Covid-19

Different universities are handling Covid-19 differently, but the goal across all campuses is the same – to protect the health of students and staff without compromising the quality of education. To that end, most campuses in Florida offer on-campus Covid-19 testing to help ensure that anyone who wants to get a test can do so during operating hours.


Most universities have continued to conduct classes in person while requiring social distancing and required facial coverings in order for students to attend classes. For example, Florida International University has phased students and staff back onto campus alongside reduced capacity in classrooms and a health safety screening app that must be completed every day. Miami Dade College has no plans to close as of the writing of this article, but has made accommodations to provide classes online, in-person, or a hybrid model.


Many universities have cancelled sports games, events, and holiday gatherings to help prevent the spread of the virus on campus. Similarly, large events like commencement are taking place virtually for some students.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracking and tracing is another tool that universities have implemented to help manage outbreaks on campus before they begin. For example, The University of Miami launched the U-TRACE initiative in March 2020, a standardized system that identifies, tracks and traces contacts, and provides support to students and staff.

In response to the spiking cases in November 2020, some campuses have moved online or are not resuming in-person classes until next year, most notably the University of Miami, Florida Memorial University The University of Central Florida, and Florida State University.


Keep Your Student Safe With In-Home COVID-19 Tests

If your student is coming home for the holidays, make sure they get tested. A Covid-19 test is an easy way to help protect themselves and family during your holiday celebrations. If they’re too busy with midterms and homework to get tested at a community center, they can always get an in-home test from Drip Hydration. Our nurse will bring an onsite appointment to your student whether they’re living on or off-campus, saving them time and hassle during the busiest time of their semester with definitive results within 3 business days of their test.